The first high-budget gacha game of AAA quality

The first high-budget gacha game of AAA quality

Genshin Impact can be considered just such a game. This is a fantasy action game from a Chinese developer studio.

The fact that you got into an AAA-quality project becomes clear immediately after the first launch. An emphatically colorful picture immediately fascinates and attracts the eye; very pleasant music creates the right atmosphere. Also, everything is implemented very conveniently: both control in battles, and movement, and the interface.

The heroes are also admired. For example, Zhongli. Although Zhongli is not as powerful as other 5-star characters, he can have excellent DPS (damage per second) due to the fact that he acts with a spear and has a high attack speed. Zhongli can be a great support thanks to the use of geo-protective shields, pillars and petrification.

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

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